Our Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

The purpose of the management of human resources of Ekinler Grup is to develop and implement the strategies of human resources that creates value in order to reach to Community vision and work results.

Ekinler Grup’s strategy of human resources is to set an example group where human resource management approach is adopted in world standards in every sector and whom everyone wants to work with and prouds of collaborating.

In order to develop this strategy;

It is the priority of Human Resources to create a management team that
Has feature of being selective in recruitment and promotion processes,
Directs the employees to exciting purposes,
Manages the employees with high performance standards,
Holds management and employees liable for consequences,
Gives opportunity to the employees to use their potential and abilities,
Rewards outstanding performance

Ekinler Enerji A.Ş.;

Sensitive to others,
Loyal to ethical values,
Open to alteration,
Capable to think long-term,
Open to cooperation,
aims to become a privileged community for individuals who are