Ekinler Alternatif Enerji and Eurosol Gmbh joined forces in 2014. While working since 1984 and is a member of the group Ekin Alternative Energy Crops in 2008 to başlamıştürki the solar installation engineering activity has created a strong infrastructure. Since 1994, Eurosol Gmbh has been established in Europe since 2012 and 80 mw installation in total and also has been a company selling wholesale products.

Ekinler-Eurosol Energy Inc. We provide pre-feasibility, project preparation and follow-up and installation services in solar systems with grid connection, solar systems without grid connection and solar pump systems. We are the distributor of many brands such as Powerone, Byd and Sharp. We have locations in 8 different countries.

To give an example from the Istanbul-Turkey Project 1 MW project in unlicensed factories 120eğiml the south-facing roof project covers an area of ​​6500 m2 and 1385 MWh / year are produced. If the electricity price (osb electricity) is calculated as 0,22 tl / kwh, it corresponds to 304,700 TL / YEAR. Although the depreciation periods vary according to the project, the system pays for itself in approximately 8 years when we consider a 20-year period with an average maturity of 8 years and a 10% annual interest rate. For the remaining 12 years, the amount of electricity you use in your pocket is 14.115.646.66 TL.

We are committed to providing high quality products with high quality.

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