Unlicense Electricity Production

Unlicensed Electricity Generation
Applications with an installed capacity of 1 MW or less (excluding Article 1). Consumption is obligatory in unlicensed GES applications. Excess electricity remaining after consumption is pressed to the network and sold to the state. If the consumption is higher than the system production, the required electricity is removed from the network. (1) When it is promised that all of the electricity generated by the GES application will be consumed by the subscribed subscriber (no electricity will be supplied to the grid in any way), the 1 MW requirement which is the Unlicensed Electricity Generation limit is removed and a system with a higher installed power can be installed.
In TURSEFF agreements, TKB agreements or large projects, we provide you with installments from the banks originating from Germany with interest and payment options appropriate to the conditions of that period as if you are paying an electricity bill.
In general project conditions, 15% or 20% equity capital works.
While projects vary according to the size mortgage or letters of guarantee, it is desirable in its current conditions in Turkey's financial model.
We make depreciation works where you can see how long your system will pay for itself, and you can see all payments (insurance cost, operating cost, land cost, etc.) or incentive share where you will get extra.
Depreciation periods generally vary according to the size of the application, but also vary according to land-use or consumption-produced model.
LUY Application Process
In the application process for unlicensed electricity generation, we prepare the project dossier (documents, accounts, project sheets) that are required after the investor obtains the documents from the investor and submit them to the relevant distribution company or TEDAS. On the other hand, we are able to follow the whole process from beginning to end with a power of attorney.
In this process, application of the project file and the application together (within the same company) is important for the final result and compliance of the project.


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